I’m Dreaming of a White…Thanksgiving?!

Yesterday, Kate at Shutter Sisters said, “So tell me, fellow shut-ins and winter-bounds: how do you keep your shutter spirit intact from now through May? What do you see through your lens that redeems this season of exhaust-spattered slushpiles and day after day of stay-puft marshmallow boys?”

Oh, how I longed for a gorgeous winter picture to share.  Winter is one of my favorite picture-taking seasons because it’s so MAGICAL!  but it was a busy day and I never got around to posting.  Then, speaking of magic, we woke up to this!

It was like Christmas morning, literally and figuratively!  The first kid up was trying to be quiet, and in that loud whisper the whole house could hear proclaimed, “It snowed!  Wow!  Look outside!  There’s enough to build a snowman now!  It SNOWED!”  Then they were both were excitedly running from window to window to take in the views.  (See what they saw here in my Flickr stream).

So, yes.  Fall and winter have their dreary days.  And usually this waiting time between pretty fall leaves and pretty crystals is my LEAST favorite time of year.  But a gorgeous early snowfall has changed everything.  I love living in Ohio!


2 Responses to “I’m Dreaming of a White…Thanksgiving?!”

  1. Wow! Snow already!!! It feels cold enough to snow on the East Coast but nothing yet. Beautiful picture!

  2. YEAH!! snow
    and such a pretty picture.
    Maybe I can use it on the top picture of my blog??


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