It seems appropriate to be talking about change today, a day after the most historic national election in my lifetime thus far.  Today’s Shutter Sisters post asks, “What has affected or changed your photography? Is there an image that speaks of the transformation?”  Tracey speaks about how Motherhood changed her photography.  And yes, motherhood changed my photography as it changed everything in my life.  But motherhood also made me even more acutely aware of my desire to document life’s little details.

Photographically speaking, I’d have to say that the 0 distance super macro feature on my beloved Pentax Optio MX changed everything.  I am definitely drawn to the little details, and have been for decades.  I remember using bus rides to school to look at and really SEE the day-to-day and season-to-season changes around me when I was a youth.  But a super macro view of the world really allows all the exquisite details of nature to pop.

Many of my favorite macro shots like the ones here and here and here can be found in the archive of this blog.  Today’s shot is yet another example of what my super macro mode can do, taken back in May in my father-in-law’s garden.


2 Responses to “Change”

  1. Gorgeous! I LOVE this picture! The color is incredible and this has given me a kick to start using my macro mode more often.

  2. Very nice, Debbie! Next time, try putting the center of the flower in the upper right or left third and let those petals cascade down towards you throughout the image. Even more to love!

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