Golden Slumbers

‘Tis fall – hooray!  I could take endless photos of nature’s endless beauty.  Watching the changing hues as summer gently (this year) gives way to fall is spectacular.  We’ve had just enough chilly nights to start the color washing through the trees up here in Northeastern Ohio.  But the weather forecast this weekend is sunny and mid-70’s, a brush with summer’s remnant.  I’m leaving in a few hours for a camping trip with Emily and her girl scout troop, which I’m sure will offer even more opportunities to fill my camera memory card.

Today’s Shutter Sister’s post is about the colors around us now.  A few days ago, I got home early from work and sauntered outside to snap what I could.  This is a macro of one of our early performing maple leaves with the late afternoon sun behind it.  No post-processing required, just pure natural color there.  I love how the sun brought out the vivid colors in the leaf.

This post is dedicated to my friend Jen who lives in California but craves the obvious seasonal changes we are privileged to experience here in Ohio.


2 Responses to “Golden Slumbers”

  1. I’m really not looking forward to fall – fall means cold weather to me! However, this image certainly helps get me in the fall spirit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] of my favorite macro shots like the ones here and here and here can be found in the archive of this blog.  Today’s shot is yet another […]

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