We Need A Little Christmas?

Today’s October 7th Shutter Sisters post is all about – Christmas?  Yep!  Tracey Clark writes, “The holiday season is about giving. So, what if you considered your annual holiday card as a little gift, not an obligation or a chore?  Just imagine, you, as the amazing women, and talented photographers that you are can offer the world a little joy, love, humor, hope, and inspiration via your photographic images and a piece of mail. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.”

This does give me something to think about, especially because I do NOT do Christmas cards!  They were too stressful, too much of a giant holiday FROG on my list, so I cut them out years ago and have never regretted it.  But every once or twice a decade I get the urge to send cards and coincidentally, THIS is the year!  (Mostly because of the awesome card and tag project Creative Memories put out.  Not only will I be sending cards this year, but they will be hand-made!  Sweet!)

Every year, I take a picture of each girl holding a bundle of lit lights as we are decorating the tree.  It started when 6 month old Emily was just facinated by the lights.  But as I looked at my albums with the same shots year to year, I got the urge to really find some unique ways to capture our Christmas memories.  This is one of my favorite recent Christmas shots. I took it last year when I was really starting to explore the macro features of my camera AND looking for a more unique perspective on the pretty, rainbow colored Christmas lights I love so much.


One Response to “We Need A Little Christmas?”

  1. Fun shot, it made me remember I took some close-ups of ornaments last year :)

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