This photo is a tip of the camera to Jules from “The Way I See It” blog, who has been one of my photography mentors this summer and who inspired me to take the camera off of “auto” mode.  She loves photos of reflections and water, so when I captured this shot, I thought of her right away!

Jules loves to get just the right shot, but she is also skilled at processing her photos to get unique looks.  This photo looks like some that she has post-processed, but I didn’t do a thing to it – not even cropping!  The image was a result of the landscape reflected in a secluded corner of a lake (yes, lakes CAN have corners!) where two women were fishing.  One happened to cast her line just as the other pulled out a small bass, and the result was a series of overlapping ripple patterns.

As I mentioned before, I had the luxury of several hours of photo meditation last weekend during which I took lots of shots.  This was one of my favorites, even though it was on auto. (-:

I have even taken yet another step outside my “zone” and submitted this photo to the Digital Photography School forum’s texture assignment.  The moderator has already commented on my photo, which I consider an honor!


2 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. Fantastic! I’m so proud of you, Deb! I’ll tell you this – now is the time to be around lakes as all the fall colors will be reflected back up from the surface. It can make for some stunning images!

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