Mighty Adventurer

Well, I wasn’t quite awake when I read today’s Shutter Sisters post, so I thought at first that it said to post pictures of your adventures.  “Perfect!” I thought, since I had such an adventurous weekend!  But alas, it said to post pictures of your adventurERs.  Well, *I* am an adventurer – and I have the pictures to prove it!

Above is a picture of my first adventure in my BOW weekend: the Alpine Tower.  This 50 foot structure is record-setting as the largest free-standing climbing structure in…maybe the country?  I don’t remember, but I do remember that it is pretty unique.  There are 3 legs (front, left, & right looking from straight on as in the left picture), 3 vertical struts, and three arms holding up the large top platform.  This means there are lots of ways to get to the top!

For my first climb, I went up the left leg to the cargo net (or pirate net, as I called it!), which is free-swinging about 30 feet in the air.  Whee!  There I am in the top picture on the right perched at the top of the cargo net trying to figure out how to get over the edge to the top of the platform.  The “logs” are all about the size of telephone poles, or larger, so maneuvering around is a bit tricky at times.

On my second climb, I went up the right leg with a goal of making it to the teeter totter log.  A series of ropes and cables attach this log to the structure, but it totally teeter-totters!  I walked to the very edge of the log with nothing to hold onto.  What an exhilarating and scary experience!

I was very grateful for my belayers who were on the ground manning my safety rope at all times.  I did lose my grip and fall backwards off the tower while I was climbing the right leg, but my harness and belayer kept me suspended in the air until I could find my footing again.  There are lots of nice metaphors there. (-:

All-in-all, it was scary, challenging, physically demanding, and completely fun!


2 Responses to “Mighty Adventurer”

  1. You are an inspiration Debbie.

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