Ordinary Miracles

This weekend, I went to the Ohio BOW – “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” – workshop, or “mommy camp” as my husband and kids called it.  Besides twice summiting a 50 foot alpine climbing tower, riding a cable swing, learning to load and shoot a 50 caliber muzzleloader rifle, tracking raccoons, and discovering that I actually can get out of a kayak while hanging upside-down from it under the water, I also had several delightful hours of amazing late afternoon and morning sunlight in which to wander around with my camera.

In those few hours of photo meditation, I tried all sorts of new techniques I’ve been reading about online, but hadn’t yet had the chance to try.  I shot into the sun, composed with the “Rule of Thirds” in mind, searched out new patterns in nature, and really tried to look at common, everyday sights from a different point of view.  You will undoubtedly be seeing and hearing more about these amazing few days away in future posts!

But today’s Shutter Sisters Sunday School post is about color and two questions were posed which I can answer with this photo, one of my favorites taken last late afternoon.

“Do you have a favorite color that often shows up in your photos?”  Yes – a vividly sapphire blue sky.

“Do you have an image where a little bit of color goes a long way?”  How about this one?

Thank you to Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer and inspirational speaker, for the dandelion inspiration and thanks to PhotoJojo and Shutter Sisters for the motivation to try shooting into the sun!


5 Responses to “Ordinary Miracles”

  1. Fantastic Debbie! I couldn’t survive half of what you did at “camp.”

  2. Arlene – But that’s what neat: you COULD! There was a 63 year old woman who climbed the tower 3 times – and has every year for the past 4. Lots of ladies were there to overcome their fear of heights or other personal mental challenges. It was a weekend of stretching and learning.

  3. Really lovely image, Deb! You did a great job with a tricky exposure and caught a great ray of light!

  4. […] this, I could fleetingly consider becoming one!  I took this Sunday morning the weekend I was at BOW. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Here Comes the Sun […]

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