Photo PROPosal

Today’s Shutter Sisters post is about using props to loosen up your subject.  So I was going to blog about hats, because I LOVE hats!  And I have lots of pictures of me in hats!  But then I found this picture in my archives.

Creative Memories is a company dedicated to preserving the past, enriching the present, and inspiring hope for the future through memory celebration.  For 20+ years, photos and memories have been at the center of their mission, so it’s no surprise that when 3,500 consultants get together at Showcase – a yearly national convention – there are at least as many cameras as people!

CM definitely knows the power of a prop.  There are larger-than-life photo opportunities all over the convention hall every year.  This over-sized analog telephone was just one of many that year, but boy, did it bring out the silly in us!  We consultants are serious about our work, but we’re just as serious about our fun and we have no qualms about climbing up on some large prop to stage a good photo!

Let me say that kids understand the power of props, too.  Just take a look at Sleeping Beauty, aka Megan, or pioneer Megan if you need proof.

Happy Saturday!


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