Daily Inspiration

Today’s Shutter Sisters assignment is to “share the [photography] sites and artists who inspire you every day.”  Above is one “sight” that inspires me every day – nature!  This was just part of one day’s harvest from our garden: cabbage, parsely, green beans, carrots – yum!

Now, onto the “sites” that inspire me in this photography hobby.  The number one inspirational site is, by far, Shutter Sisters!  I have had so much fun looking at other people’s photos, reading the prose (from elegant to earthy), and browsing the links.  I have found lots of new resources and nodes for my photographic personal learning network.  And of course, finding Shutter Sisters inspired this photo blog!

Here are some other fantastic photo links I have in my Google Reader:

The Digital Photography School Blog – really has some practical advice for both amatures and those looking to start or grow their own photography businesses.

The Way I See It was one of the first photography blogs I bookmarked.  Jules takes some incredible photographs, and isn’t afraid to offer help, ideas, tips, and support to aspiring photographers.

JoLePhotoGraph is a blog written by a French engineer living in Berlin!  Like me, she is an amature photographer.  Her pictures are wonderful!

After Midnight is another blog, writtn by Arlene Starr.  Arlene takes neat photos of things she sees around her in life.  Subject matter has ranged from photos taken out a car window (one of her specialties) to night time stills-from-video of a mouse she was trying to catch.

And last, but not least, I enjoy reading and looking at Frank Winters’ blog, Photos and Thoughts From My Journey.  He doesn’t post often, but when he does, he always makes me think.

P.S.  When I first posted this post this morning, I foolishly left out two amazing blogs I love and follow:  Lisa at Qualcosa do Bello takes some AMAZING pictures with phenomenal composition, and Amber at Skyward Journey has an eye for angles and light that I envy.  Both these ladies have prose as eloquent as their pictures, and photos aren’t necessarily the focus of their blogs, so they are categorized differently in my Google Reader, which accounts for my original oversight.

Please visit all my inspirational site links!


5 Responses to “Daily Inspiration”

  1. Those look really yummy!

  2. Thank you so much Debbie.

    You are so right! Shutter Sisters brings together inspiration from many places. New ideas, challenges and most of all people.

    BTW the veggies look great!

  3. Thanks for the linky love Debbie!

  4. […] Shutter Sisters entry is about, you guessed it, inspiration. Debbie at SCHINKER’S SHUTTERBUG SITE listed me as an inspiration. (Thank you […]

  5. Thanks so much Debbie! I totally appreciate the link and the comment.

    One of my goals for the spring is to get a vegetable garden up and running in our backyard and just seeing your delicious beans and carrots gives me the encouragement I need to just do it!

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