Catalpa Love

Today is Love Thursday over at Shutter Sisters, so I had to post this:  my first go’round with a tryptich.  I love this Catalpa tree in our backyard. It is by far my favorite tree!

Right about the time we bought and moved into our house, my parent sold the home in which I grew up.  Before the ownership rights transferred, John and I went over to the old homestead and did one last farewell walk-around.  We found several very small catalpas growing right next to and out of a large fallen catalpa branch.  We dug up one of the “babies” and brought it to our new home.

My “baby” grew expoentially the first few years – literally a few feet a year of vertical growth each year.  It was amazing to watch!  In just a few years, it became the largest, most grand tree in the yard.  This summer, I insisted on switching seats at the dinner table with John just so I could look out on the bold, beautiful catalpa every night as e ate dinner.

I know summer is here when its large, heart-shape leave unfold.  I love sitting in its immense shade.  The girls use the seed pods as swords, or batons, or whatever else catches their fancy.  Its trunk even became a pirate ship mast, before we mulched around the base.  And because it has a large fork not too far up, it has even been a climbing tree at times.  Did you know that Catalpas are native to North America and were called Catawba trees by the native Americans?  The name Catalpa came about from a transcription error made by a botanist!  Sadly, I know fall is well on its way when the Catalpa’s hearts start to fall to the ground.

So happy Love Thursday, everyone.  Enjoy these views of my favorite Catalpa tree!


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