Recovering my Seat

I’m taking a foray into DIY land and recovering our dining room chairs.  John and I put the finishing touches on the first one last night, and I am giddy with the results!  Emily found me the fabric while we were at Walmart shopping for school supplies a few weeks ago.  At only $5 per yard, enough for all 6 chairs set me back only $13.  I had been looking for something purple/blue to tie in with the walls, but the gold is even better since all the curtain tie-backs and custom-framed print frames are gold.  Oh yes, and our formal china (used for every holiday) is off-white with gold trim and our flatware is gold, too.

The new seat, even on just ONE chair, REALLY adds some class to the dining room, which we use as a family every night.  You can see how badly dirtied and stained the old seats were.  Yes, they were an off-white and yes, we knew they would get trashed by our young children when we bought the dining room set.  But we got the whole set used (table with leaf, 6 chairs, and lighted hutch) for $300.  Even though they were technically used, they were totally like-new (no scratches, marks, damage, etc…), so it was a deal we couldn’t refuse.

I can’t wait to do the rest of the chairs – and maybe a matching tablecloth and napkins, too.  (That’s about the extent of my sewing capability).  Interestingly, as gold as the chair looks, it’s the wrong side of the fabric showing.  The right side was REALLY shiny; the wrong side is a bit more subtle than it looks in thiese pictures (thanks to the fill flash, no doubt).

The dining room’s going to look fantastic for Thanksgiving!


3 Responses to “Recovering my Seat”

  1. Looks good! I’ve got a similar project I need to get started on. You’re inspiring me.

  2. Oh, my gosh! I just noticed the Victrola in the background. We have that exact same one in our living room. It belonged to my husband’s great grandparents.

  3. Colleen – It really is pretty easy – so far. Getting the fabric taut is the hardest part. Four hands definitely helped, and I am not so good with a staple gun, so I held fabric while he stapled.

    SO WEIRD that you noticed the Victrola! I saw it in the picture as I was posting and thought briefly about cropping it out. Then I wondered if anyone would notice and comment. Too funny that you did! Yes, it’s a family heirloom and in working order, too! We usually play it once a year when someone comes over who’s never seen one before.

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