Caught Unawares

Today’s Shutter Sister’s post is about having patience for the unexpected but great shot.  I can really relate to this post, for while I am forever getting people to “say cheese,” at least two members of my family defy conventional photography this way.  Emily, who used to be a camera ham, now usually turns away or puts up her hand when the camera eye turns toward her.  John just gets perpetually goofy and contorted faces in pictures – even when he’s trying to look natural!

This was a nice candid shot taken unawares.  The early evening, clouded light was interesting, but best of all, he didn’t see me scneak around the corner with the camera.  None of the shots after this one turned out as good.


3 Responses to “Caught Unawares”

  1. Unawares, my foot!

    I had to sit there for half an hour until she got that shot. My hand was all cramped up. And everyone was tired of hearing that same D-chord over and over again…

    Too bad I didn’t know the first one was the best. I could have started the goofy contorted face poses :-)

  2. I love it! You sneaky thing you. And John’s comment… that’s funny too. Of course it was the first one that worked best! :)

  3. […] already posted lots of examples of light play on this blog here and here and here.  Today’s picture is another example from when I was just starting to […]

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