I finally got the last month’s photos downloaded from the camera – AND I got caught up on my Shutter Sister’s post reading, too!  A few days ago, the assignment was to share a photo that surprised you.  As soon as the pictures came off the camera, I knew this was the shot to use.

This summer, I’ve started taking the camera out of the “auto” mode and experimenting with manual aperture and shutter settings.  I am slowly – slowly – learning and every so often, I actually take a picture that takes my breath away.

It was a relaxing night at Blossom with gorgeous sunset light and a cooperative, contemplative Emily.  She’s so beautiful and this silhouette really captures her introspective nature.


4 Responses to “Silhouette”

  1. Very nice! Also good to see you posting pictures again!

  2. […] cheese,” at least two members of my family defy conventional photography this way.  Emily, who used to be a camera ham, now usually turns away or puts up her hand when the camera eye turns […]

  3. I love this photo! You are very talented.

  4. […] already posted lots of examples of light play on this blog here and here and here.  Today’s picture is another example from when I was just starting to think about […]

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