A “Slice” of Life

Today’s Shutter Sister post is entitled “A Slice of Life” and in it, Stephanie talks about how rarely she shoots photos of everyday life.  That surprised me, because shooting everyday life in our family is my mission!  My shots are not always artistic or of a particular high quality, but I hope that they capture the essence of some of our activities, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

And really, as a Creative Memories consultant, I believe and try to teach others that the mundane IS the extraordinary!  Sure, this is “just” a picture of dad making pizza with the girls, but it’s so much more.  It’s a testement to John’s amazing parenting – how he has the patience to cook regularly with his children; how he’s teaching them the importance of eating healthy and working together; how he loves spending time with them.

This photo also speaks to family traditions: the kids’ favorite pizza made by dad; grandma’s special sauce recipe; and grandpa’s special pizza pans, which were originally lids from old potatos chip containers.  We got very little in the way of heirlooms from John’s grandparents, but these two pizza pans ARE the most treasured items from them.  They do something unduplicatable to the crust that makes it crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, and leaps and bounds better than any other crust anywhere.

It also documents in little ways our life at that moment: Meg’s dance outfit from “Little Leapers”; the dog’s tail swishing on the right; the perpetually messy kitchen counters; mail on the low wall; and even the Diego lunchbox all provide clues into our daily life as it was on August 31, 2007 (wow – nearly a year ago today – how funny!).

So please, Shutter Sisters, capture more slices of YOUR life in photos – then write down the stories behind those photos for future generations to share and enjoy.  Bon Appetit!


3 Responses to “A “Slice” of Life”

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  2. Such a great memory to preserve with a lot going on for you to remember!

    I take lots of pictures of our little one and look through them pretty regularly. Each time I feel like I’m still not taking enough to really capture all of our moments together. I also have a journal I’ve been keeping since day 1 and scold myself for not writing things down quickly enough…she’s growing so fast!

  3. Lisa ~ You will *never* be able to capture *all* your moments together, so please release that burden from your poor shoulders! Just preserve the memories you can and be happy to do what you can do. There will be people who capture more, but who give up *living* life to capture what they can; there’s a sadness in that. There will also be people who preserve fewer memories and leave more mysteries for those who come later and care about them enough to dig up those stories; that’s ok, too. Life’s too short to beat yourself up for what you haven’t or can’t do. And it’s too long to get overcome recording every little thing. Find your happy medium!

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