Close, Closer, Closest

Kate over at Shutter Sisters gave me the idea and inspiration for today’s post.  Her assignment was, “…show me your less obvious dyptichs. Show me relationships between subjects that are about more than just sequence.”

This assignment intrigued me since I don’t have a continuous shutter on my Pentax Optio and tend to think about my pictures as stand-alone pieces.  But as I was lying in bed pondering her challenge, I suddenly “got” exactly what she was talking about – and knew I had the pictures in my arsenal to prove it!

So this morning, I ran to Memory Manager, spent 30 seconds selecting the folders of trees and leaves pictures, found the images I wanted, and presto – a neat fall triptych!

With all the new quick and easy framing ideas from Creative Memories, this might just be a trio that makes it up on my wall for fall.


2 Responses to “Close, Closer, Closest”

  1. Love it! Perfect. And for the record I don’t think continuous shutters have much to do with it–look at the flickr search on dyptichs and you’ll see most of them aren’t sequence shots at all. What you’ve done here is exactly what I had in mind – lovely!

  2. […] more examples of other photos I’ve taken with perfect light, look here, and here, and here (particularly the shot on the […]

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