Seeing Me

Today’s Shutter Sisters assignment is to post a photo showing me as me: who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming.  Man, is THAT a tall order!  At first thought, it requires a triptych: was, am, becoming – that echos this diptrych post I made a few weeks ago.  But the assignment is deeper than that – to capture it all in one shot.

I honestly don’t think there is such a picture of me in existence.  The only adult photo shoot I’ve done in my life was at Picture People when I needed a good head shot for my photo business cards.  Although it was fun, it was studio, with colored backdrops and a not-so-creative photographer who was used to shooting kids.

But since Dawn’s wedding pictures are still fresh, I went looking for the shot that best encapslates me in all my many facets.  I love this one because of the spirit.  Megan, barefooted, dancing away.  Me looking all proper and elegant, but still spontaneous and fun enough to get up and dance with her when no one else was.  Yes, somehow this shot seems to fit the bill.


3 Responses to “Seeing Me”

  1. Times are
    the need is done
    the time is here.

  2. that is a lovely photo …you look like you are having a fun time!

  3. I love this photo! Megan’s dress is so cute too.

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