My family really enjoyed this past weekend’s wedding in Boston.  We danced, laughed, and ate – and I’m sure you’re expecting more pictures and stories from that event, but this is NOT one of them.  Surprise!

Yesterday’s Shutter Sisters post is about surprises.

After the wedding, I spent an extra day with my parents to rest up before tackling the 14 hour drive home – solo with the kids.  While my mom took the girls swimming, my dad and I traded photos!  This was one he took of three giraffes at the Southwick Zoo.

My dad loves giraffes.  I don’t know why or when this began, but he loves giraffes.  And back in the days before digital cameras, he was a pretty good photographer with his big Pentax camera and extra lenses.  The digitals these days still puzzle him, even though he has one.  Admittedly, the shutter lag time on the lower end cameras really seems to play havoc with everyone I know who was a good film photographer.  But he still manages to squeeze off some sweet shots.  This was one of his best ones all summer.


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