Love Thursday Again

I’ve been AWOL for the last week as I attended my sister’s wedding in Boston.  So what more appropriate way to return to the blogosphere than with a Shutter Sisters Love Thursday post?!

My inspiration for this shot was this picture over at one of my favorite blogs, qualcosa di bello.  As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of one of the wedding shots I’d cropped to highlight my sister.

As the photographer was taking pictures outside before the rececption, I noticed that my sister’s eyes, which are naturally blue, were exceedingly striking at that moment.  The photographer noticed, too, and asked if she had blue contacts on, which was reasonable since the bridesmaids dresses were a pool blue color.  But no, my sister’s eyes just are really that blue!

The picture was originally in color and showing my sister, her new husband, and my parents.  When I zoomed in on her, there was a bit of blur already, giving a really soft feel to the photo.  I was able to remove color from all but her eyes, but the B&W contrast isn’t that great, maybe because it was originally a color picture.  I’m only moderately happy with the result, so if you have any suggestions on turning a good shot into a great one, please let me know!


One Response to “Love Thursday Again”

  1. Her eyes are gorgeous! It sounds like you did have your hands full that day and the fact that you were able to go and get some pictures is pretty incredible!

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