On My Mind

Today’s Shutter Sister’s assignment is to post what’s on our minds today.  This week, it’s all about my sister.

A week ago last Friday, she and her fiance signed the papers on a new house they built.  This weekend, she graduates with a second master’s degree (an MBA from Simmons – her first master’s was in music with a  specialty in bassoon) and gets married!  Oh yes, and did I mention she got a promotion, so she started a new job today?

That’s her up there trying on her very pretty dress a few months ago with my mom looking on (you can actually see me in the mirror taking her picture if you look closely!)  Our whole family is in the wedding:  I’m matron of honor, John is a lector, and the girls are flower girls – so of course we are going to have lots of family portraits taken.

And I got my camera back – well, I got A camera back (long story) – so I’ll have my own shots to add.  I hope I can get some striking ones.


One Response to “On My Mind”

  1. Hey, I see you back there! : ) Cool shot. Nice way to honor your sissy.

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