Sunday School

I love that the Sunday Shutter Sisters post is always called “Sunday School.”  I have always said that education doesn’t stop when you finish school.  As the word “commencement” reminds us, finishing school is simply an invitation to a wider world of learning.  For me, this is certainly true in the area of photography.

Today’s Sunday School post talks about fill flash.  For those of you, like me, who are not familiar with this term, fill flash refers to the use of a flash in a bright setting to offset shadows.

From reading the post, I get the sense that “real” photographers avoid using their flashes, especially the built-in kind, like the plague.  It was yet another reminder that I am a days-old infant in this world of photography, being someone who LOVES her built-in flash.  In fact, I wouldn’t buy a camera without one!

But I’d never heard of fill flash until John, who was an avid photographer in high school, explained the concept one day while I was messing around with manual settings and trying to snap a picture of him back-lit by the sun.  I took a bunch of shots that all came out too dark, and he suggested using my flash.  THAT experiment yielded several good shots.  This was my favorite because the pavilion and crowd at Blossom Music Center where we were waiting for a concert to begin are reflected in his glasses.


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