Then and Now

Today’s Shutter Sisters post is about how senior pictures have changed through the years.  John and I just attended a friend’s graduation party last weekend and talked about that very thing.  I had to laugh when Paige talked about the wicker furniture – *so* 1980’s!

The challenge was to discuss memories of our senior high photo session – and post a picture.  Truth is, I don’t remember the session at all.  Was it at a studio?  No, I think it was at school.  I don’t remember obsessing over what to wear, or having a choice of different props or poses.  In fact, I’m not even sure that the photo posted above WAS my senior picture, but I know it was right around the same time (maybe even a school portrait the year before).

So aside from the laugh I’m sure you’re all getting at the BIG 1980’s glasses and the braces, this would be a pretty boring post.  But I had to put the recent picture in not only for commparison, but because I *did* plan for this photo – and remember it well!  I needed a good, professional shot for my business card, so I made a portrait appointment, got my hair done (didn’t lose the shoulder length hair until 1998), got my driver’s license picture taken along the way, and voila!

I had LOTS of fun with the photo shoot – changes of clothes and all.  Maybe later this week, I’ll post some of the other fun shots.  But for now, I’ll leave you to marvel at how 20 years changes a person on the outside.  You’ll have to read my blog, Midnight Musings, to learn more about how I’ve changed on the inside.


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