“Hey! There’s Gonna Be Fireworks…”

I have been taking some online photography lessons from Jules over at the blog “Hey, Jules – Help Me Take a Better Photograph!” When she posted this post about shutter and aperture, we were finally getting into the meat of what I was hoping to learn.  I’ve played before with some of the the various mode settings on my Pentax Optio MX, but fiddling with aperture and shutter speed has always been beyond me.  But this summer, I’ve taken a deep breath, switched out of auto mode, and begun experimenting with the shutter and aperature priority settings.  (I’m not ready for full manual yet!)

This year’s fireworks were the perfect place to play and experiment.  Overall, I was pretty happy with my results.  I took over 75 pictures in about 15 minutes (this camera is about 3 years old, so lag time is rather long and I still had it set for a 1 second instant review) using various settings.  I didn’t use a tripod and I did no post processing except for a bit of cropping to tighten up the image.

In retrospect, I probably should have changed the ISO setting on my camera from my default 100 to 400 (there’s not higher ISO setting option).  But overall, I am starting to grasp the effect of tinkering with the aperture and shutter settings.

Here are the stats on this particular image (but don’t ask me to explain focal length or F-Stop yet – I’m still learning!):

Exposure Time: 1/8 sec

Focal Length: 7 mm

F-Stop: F 2.7 (APEX=2.9)

ISO: 100


One Response to ““Hey! There’s Gonna Be Fireworks…””

  1. Very nice! You’re really starting to get the hang of this! If you see any out tonight, try this combo: set your shutter speed for 4 seconds and your aperture to F11. If that doesn’t work, change to a 3 second shutter speed. That should help you catch even more of the changing colors as the fireworks explode!

    I’m so darn proud of you for getting off the auto setting I could dance!!!

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