Little Scientists

Today’s Shutter Sisters post features a quote by R. Buckminster Fuller about children being born true scientists.  Our photo assignment today was to interpret his statement in photos.

I had a hard time finding a good picture for this assignment!  Most of my “kids as scientists” pictures feature their hair in their faces or a view of the backs of their heads as they are fully engaged in some child-like scientific activity.  This was a fun one, full-faced one I took last year of Megan at the Akron Zoo.

The zoo has a few kid-sized houses arranged in a loose settlement or prairie town style.  Most kids wandered in, about, around, and through, but Megan really got into the scene!  She is truly an experiential learner, so she put on the dress-up clothes, went to the “store” to shop for food (on the table there in the lower right), and got right to work churning the butter.  I love the tennis shoes sticking out from the bottom of the dress!


2 Responses to “Little Scientists”

  1. So sweet! I remember churning butter at Pioneer Girls camp. It was just a lot of fun!

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