And Sometimes, the Woods Come to You!

Jules posted a gorgeous woods picture today and blogged about taking a walk in the woods to unwind.  Well today, the woods came to us!  Isn’t this little fellow the cutest?  He was curled up on our top deck step sleeping in the sun and ambled off to another part of our deck after I took this picture.

The girls just this week had watched an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” where Laura adopted a baby raccoon as a pet, so interest here was even higher than it normally would have been.  We gave the little guy (promptly named Jasper, Meeko, or Rocky, depending on who you asked) some water and a raw egg (yes, I kno we shouldn’t have, but he was SO CUTE), which he ate greedily.  Then we left him alone to sleep in the sun.  Eventually, he ambled off to the neighbor’s house.  We don’t think he’ll stick around this neighborhood too long as we all have large, barky dogs.  But it was fun to encounter this little bit of nature in our own backyard!


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