My Magical Place

Yesterday’s Shutter Sisters post is about looking back.  Tracey talks about the beach being her refuge and focus for her best family memories.  She asks, “Where are your most sacred memories found? Is there a place you visit and revisit where you find your soul at its most content? Is it a multitude of memories that make it special or one single instance when it was as if the planets aligned just for you? Where ever or whatever it may be, I’ll bet there’s a photo that helps encapsulate it, isn’t there?”

Well, for me that place is definitely Walt Disney World.  It is the one place that seems constant, even amidst the changes I’ve have observed over the 30 years I’ve been going there.  There is something truly magical about the moment I walk under the train tracks and look at the vista which is Main Street to the castle in the distance.  It absolutely takes my breath away every time.  I bask in the attention to detail, the innovation, and the sheer childhood joy that IS the Magic Kingdom.

I also have distinct WDW memories from three different phases of my life:  childhood, when we’d go with my parents and sisters; early marriage, when we went on our honeymoon and a few times before having kids; and adulthood, taking my own kids and seeing the magic working on and in them!

And no, I can’t say that there is one photo that encapsulates everything WDW means to me.  But here is a magical one I took this past January as we were leaving the Magic Kingdom.  I always pause at this statue of Walt and Mickey to say a silent  “thank you” to the visionary man who conceived this place, this experience, this phenomenon.  Many people have changed the world, but what he created has touched the hearts and minds of millions through generations world-wide.


One Response to “My Magical Place”

  1. This is a GORGEOUS photo. So stately and nostalgic at the same time. It gives me the chills!

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