Dog Tired

Today’s Shutter Sisters post contains some beautifully crafted prose pondering the blur of life which is the end of the school year. Tracey’s writing is as evocative as her photographs, and I encourage you to visit the site to experience them for yourself!

Her assignment to us today is to share a photo that captures where we are right now, that expresses this exact moment in time. Since I always update my photo blog first thing in the morning, this picture that I took last week perfectly captures where I am today: tired! Craving the peace and quiet that come with the night-time hours, I am sometimes reluctant to retire to bed. Activities procrastinated find new energy late at night, but I pay the price in the morning.

On a more philosophical note, this end-of-the-school-year flurry is both exhilarating and exhausting. There are forms to return, field trip money to send, celebrations to help plan, and summer activities to anticipate. These last 13 days of school (but who’s counting?!) are a confluence of responsibilities – the storm before summer’s calm. It’s tiring…and we are all looking forward to the change of pace and change of schedule.

I love this shot of Emily snuggling with Baloo. It simultaneously captures the tiredness of today and the relaxation of the summer soon to be.


3 Responses to “Dog Tired”

  1. Love it! That sweet paw resting under the head is just perfect. :o)

  2. oh – now I miss my cuddly puppy. what a sweet shot!

  3. Love it! And so know that feeling of to much to do at end of school year ;-)

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