Hidden Messages

Today’s Shutter Sisters post is on photographing hidden messages! Andrea wrote, “I was walking with a friend who was overwhelmed with work and being pregnant and trying to keep up with all of it. She was in tears by the end of the conversation, not knowing what she should do. At some point we looked down and noticed that we were standing on a bike path that said ‘Slow down.’ ”

Well, THIS was a quandary. So far, I have been meeting the daily challenges with photos I shot previously. But I KNEW I didn’t have any hidden message photos (and I didn’t think hidden Mickeys quite hit the mark!). So I definitely needed to take a new picture. But we are leaving in an hour to go to some friends’ house for a game day.

As I was pondering my options, I looked up and saw the photo above, perfectly framed. It was just the right message for this week, which was not an easy parenting week. It was a great reminder that emotionally, my children are delicate and fragile and do need to be handled with care.

(P.S. More picture magic: Emily lately does NOT want her picture taken, so I was pleased to be granted permission to take this picture of her this morning!)


2 Responses to “Hidden Messages”

  1. What an amazing find! Great post!

  2. how appropriate!

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