Priceless Memories

Today’s Shutter Sisters post discusses the power of a priceless photograph. Tracey writes, “…when we hold our cameras, we hold incredible power. How lucky are we to shoot photo after photo of our own children, of friends and family. Each image a gift. A gift that is indeed priceless.”

Indeed, the value of a photograph increases exponentially with time and circumstance. And often the least expected photographs become priceless treasures. Above is one of my own. I didn’t take it, of course, because I am the girl on the left holding onto the seal’s tail. And at the time, it wasn’t a particularly priceless photo – just one of many shots taken to document a young family’s day at Sea World.

So why is this photo priceless now? Sea World in Aurora, Ohio closed a few years back, so the opportunity to visit no longer exists. And three years later, photographs and memories would be all that remained of one of the two twin sisters, killed when she was only eight years old. So take those photos – and preserve your family stories. Future generations will thank you.


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