No Comment? No Can Do!

Today’s Shutter Sisters post talks about a photo feature of the magazine Wondertime. Author Tracy writes, “…when I get the magazine each month I go straight to the very back page…first. See, they end the issue with a photograph (actually usually a diptych) titled no comment. It’s usually a coupling that speaks so poignantly of childhood in that perfect, I laughed, I cried kind of way that no words are necessary. It’s great.” The assignment for today is to find a “no comment” photograph.

So I went looking through my catalog of photographs to find one that could stand alone. But after browsing 10,718 pictures, I find myself disagreeing with the basic premise today. To me, nearly every photograph is richer and more meaningful when the story behind it is captured and shared. Perhaps this says something about my photos – or more about my love of stories and scrapbooking!

There wasn’t one picture of a person that couldn’t be enriched by knowing who it was, where it was taken, why it was taken, or the feelings I had when I shot it. Even many of the nature shots benefit from some words of explanation.

I do believe there are photographs that are breathtakingly gorgeous, impeccably composed, or imaginatively shot well enough to stand on their own. This series of photos by Dewitt Jones of lilies in a field (near the bottom of the article) is a good example. But I also believe that even these highly professional photos are enriched by his explanation of them.

So here is the best I could do today: a photo that needs little or no comment. Even this photo has a backstory, but in the spirit of today’s assignment, I shall refrain (but if you email me at, I’ll be happy to share!)


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