Facial Photography

By Debbie S.

May 10, 2008

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Today’s Shutter Sisters post is about taking multiple shots of one subject from lots of angles to give you a greater chance of capturing just the right shot. Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer, once told me in a presentation that you don’t stop shooting until you get the shot that is the right answer – and to remember that there is more than one right answer! He said that whether it takes 1,000 or 10,000 shots to get one that is right doesn’t matter.

On Shutter Sisters, Paige says that with kids, you usually just get what you can get, but I had a rare opportunity a few years ago to shoot photos of the kids while we were at a football game! Now, I usually go to football games for the half-time band shows. At this game, my brother-in-law was coaching and his school was playing the school my husband works for, so there was a lot to see and many people to talk to. But you can’t do much during the actual game – unless you just got a new digital camera!

Needless to day, in my boredom and with the beautiful sunset light, I took LOTS of shots. Unfortunately, this photoblog theme lets me post only one shot per post, so I can only show you my favorite here: my then 6 year old daughter Emily. Ths shot is especially precious because at the ripe old age of 8 1/2, she now she hates having her picture taken.


2 Responses to “Facial Photography”

  1. perfect portrait!

  2. […] more examples of other photos I’ve taken with perfect light, look here, and here, and here (particularly the shot on the right). […]

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