Light of Faith

By Debbie S.

May 9, 2008

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Category: Light

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Today’s Shutter Sisters theme is pictures taken in the glare of bright light. Unfortunately, I’m not really good at taking pictures in bright light. I mean, c’mon – I live in Ohio, which is cloudier than Seattle! (Really! I’ve blogged about that here).

Usually, I avoid bright light, especially bright natural light. I’ve never captured the sun shining through the trees or any neat effects like that. So I have NO advice to give in this area and I’d welcome advice from other photographers on how to experiment and broaden my horizons, so to speak.

But I still wanted to post a picture on today’s theme, so I went figurative. This is a photo I took and turned into a digital scrapbook background for volume 1 of my faithbook. (I used Storybook Creator Plus, so it was fun and easy!) Both faith and candles can be bright lights, so it *does* fit the theme in a roundabout sort of way.


One Response to “Light of Faith”

  1. Beautiful…photo & scripture :) I love to go to the candlelight service on Christmas eve too. It fills my heart. Found you via ShutterSisters–have a nice weekend~

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