Today’s Shutter Sisters post is about photographic obsessions. I definitely have an obsession for taking pictures of the cakes I’ve made. Since they are made to be eaten, they cease to exist hours or days after they are done, so the pictures are all I have left! I started baking cakes for my family in 2001 to carry on a tradition my husband cherished from his own childhood days. I blogged recently on Midnight Musings about my latest round of cakes, which you can read about and see here.

But my cake pics aren’t very artistic or glamorous as photos go.  And since it’s spring in Ohio, I have to say that I am obsessed with taking pictures of flowers, grass, leaves, and other green or growing things. Ever since I got my current digital camera two years ago and discovered the super macro setting, I have been obsessed with super up close floral pictures like the one above, which is a clematis growing on our front porch.

And it doesn’t seem to matter that every spring, the same flowers show up in Memory Manager. Every year, when the snows melt and colors FINALLY start to reappear at a breathtaking rate, they are all gorgeous all over again. And this even goes for the thousands of “wish-flowers” (some call them dandelions) in our yard. If you can’t beat them, enjoy them – and even take pictures of them!


3 Responses to “Obsessions”

  1. that is a stunning shot! wow!!

  2. perfect capture! I like this flower macro very much.-)

  3. beautiful!

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